Tuesday, November 28, 2006

More Unveiling

I kinda left you hanging with some things to think about and digest (sorry, I still have a full belly and food on my mind) in the last blog entry. Certainly, they’re interesting key points to discern. Do we set ourselves up for failure every year because of the New Year’s Resolutions we make? Or is it our lack of knowledge, understanding, planning and beliefs in regards to our resolutions that sets us up for failure, not the resolutions?

Let us continue to peel the layers of the New Year’s Resolutions, so we can get some answers and become educated at making our resolutions this year; therefore, sticking with them and achieving real success in 2007.

In about 30 days, you will set and hopefully write your resolutions for the upcoming year…so, I’m wondering, how much preparing are you doing now and in the next 30 days for that?

I can already hear some people say: “Preparation, I don’t plan on doing any preparation. Since I didn’t accomplish last year’s resolution, I’m planning on making the same one again this year”

As a Coach and former Marine I can tell you and pardon the expression but it’s extremely accurate; “piss” poor proper prior planning and preparation will result in…well, I don’t think I need to say it, but here we have one of the top reasons why we fail at following through with our resolutions. We don’t plan to fail, we fail to plan.

Truth is—resolutions are normally made without giving them full thoughts and considerations. Here is a question to ask yourself: how complex is the resolution you’re about to make?

Let’s do some dissecting of one of the top 10 most common resolutions people make from the previous blog, the resolution to find a better job. What does that involve?

  1. Having a clear picture of your current status and situation
  2. Having a clear understanding of why you want a new and better job
  3. Knowing what you are seeking from the new job
    1. Better pay
    2. Better work environment
    3. More challenges
    4. Greater Opportunities
    5. New career path
  4. How are you going to go about finding your better job?
  5. Do you need to go back to school first? Get updated certifications?
  6. Are you prepared to relocate? What does that involve?
  7. Is your resume updated?
  8. Do you have financial reserves?
  9. Do you have an established and current networking circle?

Okay, so that was just from the top of my head…a few things to start thinking about and considering. I’m thinking that perhaps making a New Year’s Resolution to update your resume and re-establish a solid networking circle would get you closer to the ultimate goal of finding a better job. And by the way, I can think of a slew of considerations involved in updating a resume and establishing a solid network.

Dwell on that for a little while. I would love your thoughts and comments. Next, we’ll address what’s at the root of some of those top 10 most common resolutions.

Coach Ann

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Allison said...

When I read this, I think about expectations.

On the one hand, big picture vision and dreams are absolutely essential components of happiness - after all, they provide us with direction, excitement and hope! But I think that things can get sticky when we confuse our dreams with our goals. While our dreams tell us what we want, our goals provide us with little, practical nuggets of how to get there... like a roadmap!

I envision the ideal New Years resolution falling somewhere in between a big picture dream and a goal. What kind of resolution maintains integrity to our bigger vision or dream, but also allows us to break it down further into a series of small successes that are realistic and attainable?

I've never been crazy about the phrase: "the key to happiness is having low expectations." As a coach, I encourage high expectations and big dreams. What works for me is something more along the lines of: "the key to happiness is having intentioned expectations." Not only can we plan the busy details of our everyday lives, we can also plan our thoughts and intentions! And so it goes... with the New Year approaching, we can plan our intentions and create expectations that will offer us a chance to succeed!